Council Participation Report, 02.12.2020.

As promised, what follows is my regular councilor activity transparency report. This report details votes cast and discussions participated in from Nov 23th to Dec 2nd.


At the time of writing, 1 KSM = $57.

  • Motion 242 by OpenSquare sought to fund the effort of developing a UI specifically for the treasury, and allowing council members to put remarks alongside their votes. This would also be the precursor to reputation building based on on-chain actions, which could lead to more councilor activity (something we sorely need - at least half the councilors are asleep). I supported this motion, we need more UIs for Kusama. The payout was 531 KSM.
  • Motion 243 by Polkascan sought to approve proposal 57 to fund the development of a multi-chain architecture for when parachains go live. It passed without me having had a chance to vote. The payout was a whopping 3116 KSM.


  • Tip 0x87e9...aef3 seeks to reward a Polish Youtuber for mentioning (?) Polkadot's ecosystem while talking about the crypto industry in general. This is the third or fourth time I see this Youtuber being rewarded for this, and I simply do not think that the level of effort invested (man walks through forest and talks) and a mention of Polkadot warrants a $180 reward. I voted to close the tip with a 0.


If you like these reports and would like to see active Council members on Polkadot too, remember I'm a candidate there as well and voting is easy :) Your vote makes the difference and helps build a good chain!


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