New Year's Resolutions


Here goes - yet another New Year's Resolution™.

Leaving Apple

By the end of 2018, I plan to be completely Apple-free.

This is just half the job-breaking bugs I've encountered in a device that costs - quite literally - half the average yearly salary of a Croat.

Since my changing laptops meant I could no longer reliably connect my phone (an iPhone) to my new laptop because of Apple's closed ecosystem, I decided to change my phone too.

The Macbook Pro late 2018 model was replaced by a 6th generation Lenovo Carbon X1, while the iPhone was replaced by the OnePlus 6T. Both Windows and Android have their problems, but put together, these problems still don't compare to Apple's broken hardware.

Leaving Facebook

Aside from the plethora of privacy issues, what bothers me about Facebook is that it is a distraction even to one as aware of distractions as I am. The absolutely terrible quality of their mobile and web app don't help either as 90% of the time using their products gets spent on loading times or refreshing out of crashes.

To properly clear your account, you need to go to Settings -> Your Facebook Information, and then Download Your Information. There, select all your data and request a download of that data in JSON format.

Once done, on the previous menu pick "Delete Your Account and Information". Legally, Facebook MUST delete everything you just downloaded moments earlier. They probably won't, and your data is probably copied and sold across many services and networks already, but it sends Facebook a message and makes quitting easier.

If we communicated there and you want to keep in touch, please use Twitter or Status or just email me.

Leaving Simple Carbs + Stepping it up

No bread, dough, pastry, candy (all addictions of mine) and intermittent fasting again. No processed sugar. 15k steps per day (around 7km walking or 15km running), autoincreasing (Garmin mode auto increases goal based on past performance). 2L of water per day. Because I work on a treadmill at home, I have the routine down to a science. I weigh something like 83kg now and will be at 70kg by the time rolls around again. 

There will be more fitness mixed in with this as usual, but the details are outside the scope of this blog.

Fingers crossed. Let's go.

How about your resolutions?


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