Quantified Year Week 1: A Rocky Start

The quantified year project is off to a rocky start.

The first week of the year started well. A jog on Wednesday...

... which was seemingly a bit too much for my beagle, as I had to wait for her to catch up for almost a minute at one point. But all in all, decent tempo and distance considering I hadn't run for some two months or so. You can see the other details of the run here.

I also did 20k on the treadmill totaling ~25k which, coupled with intermittent fasting (nothing but supplements and coffee in the morning), resulted in a net loss of 1594 kcal. Pretty good.

Thursday was good too. No running, but 20k on the treadmill and another 6k in town for a total of 26k felt good. I also restarted my weightlifting that day, so I did a basic Stronglifts 5x5.

A very light set, but good enough for a reboot. Having meticulously tracked my meals and drinks, I ended the day with a deficit of 1202 kcal. Intermittent fasting helps a lot!

On Friday I woke up insanely sore from the weights, so I decided that it would be a rest/stretch day. I still did 24k steps total, and with a bit of indulgence a few hours before bed (a black-hole-dense home-made corn bread tuna sandwich) ended the day on negative 664 kcal.

Saturday started off with a bit of a stomach ache that I didn't know how to place, so I ignored it. Lots of walks that day so managed to ramp up 20k without treadmill-working. Stomach didn't improve at all - quite the contrary - so I figured I best sleep it off after making it a little better with some mint tea. The day was wrapped up with a deficit of 1103 kcal.

Sunday was hell. The stomach bug was no bug at all and developed into full on gastritis that woke me up in the middle of the night. That day was also when family came over to celebrate my birthday from the past week, so I had to barbecue.

Knowing that my stomach wasn't well, I wasn't allowed to eat but as I started to feel a little better towards the afternoon, I did grab a taste of a single no-sidedish porkchop and a few grams of cake just for taste. Bad call. This inflamed the gastritis even worse and I spent the night tossing and turning, not sleeping a minute.

I went to the ER and got pumped full of meds that did nothing and sent back home at 4am. Sunday was the first day when I failed to do the 20k, I was completely disabled. Still, considering I didn't eat almost anything, I ended the day with 1483 kcal remaining. I didn't even have the strength to do the 2L of water. Sunday was failday.

Monday wasn't much better, I spent it taking stomach meds and drinking only water. Because the pain persisted, I couldn't walk much so again, no 20k. But I did manage 2L of water (counting tea also) and since I didn't eat a single thing that whole day, it ended on a 1780 kcal deficit.

Tuesday I started eating mushy stuff that builds a layer on your stomach lining. Specifically, very small doses of oatmeal. It was disgusting but it kept me alive. The day went fine, then another flare up in the evening, and hospital again. Managed to ingest 2L of water, that's good, but it seems like it might be some kind of stones (gall or kidney) and I have to keep doing checkups. The whole health routine has been severely disrupted. Loss of calories: 1404 kcal.


  • slow-loss calories: 1880 kcal (amount I'm allowed to eat per day to still be losing weight, according to MFP)
  • total kcal loss this week: 9230
  • daily average loss: 1318 (way above the intended 500 per day)
  • starting kg: 83.8
  • ending kg: 80.5
  • loss: 3.3kg (fasting probably had a big effect there)
  • workouts: 1 run + 1 weights

Lessons learned

  1. I'm old now, and should eat slower and consume less intense food. Black-hole-density bread is probably not a good idea.
  2. Don't pile on acidic stuff. Orange juice + coffee two days in a row = bad idea. That was Friday and Saturday for me.
  3. Do your workouts in the morning, you never know what the rest of your day will look like, and you might not make it.
  4. Start the day with a full glass of water (2.5 dL) to get a kickstart on those 2L and also to get some energy in there for the morning workout.

That said, some benefit did come from this. Notably, after a Monday of coffee-abstinence-related super-headache I believe I've gotten past my coffee addition. I'm not sure I want to get back into it - the health benefits are well documented but so is the addiction 🤔



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