Hire Me

I am currently NOT available for full time work or blockchain or web development.

I am available for consulting, advocacy, part time technical writing, auditing, and digital forensics.

I can be hired as a conference / meetup speaker, but I'll generally gladly do that for free if time permits if you run a non-profit conference and can cover transport and lodging costs. More info about public speaking here.

If none of the options below match what you have in mind in terms of collaboration, get in touch. Let's discuss, but please note that I do almost no web development at all these days - it's all blockchain.

Note also that I do not work for the same tokens I'm supposed to build or advise on. Established cryptocurrency or fiat are both accepted payment options, despite rates being expressed in USD. Ether and DAI are preferred.

Consulting / Training

Consulting and training can happen on location or via teleconference, audio or video. This can and often does include one or more of the following:

  • training developers to build Ethereum applications or smart contracts
  • explaining technology behind various blockchains, comparing blockchain solutions and approaches, presenting the best solution for the use case at hand
  • researching project competition and reverse engineering their solutions to get to a better and more competitive one
  • technical advice about approaches to take on developing and deploying an ICO or an app's smart contract


  • short term: $200/hr
  • long term: retainer of $10,000 monthly, includes 80 hours of work and project is allowed to place me on their ICO page as a team member or advisor. Often taken in tandem with Advocacy (see below).


Advocacy includes me presenting your project at various conferences and meetups, finding investors, and being present on your team's page. It's often taken as an add-on to consulting, but does not substitute it.

Includes two posts per month on Bitfalls.com and immediate listing of tokens on Coinvendor.io when they enter the market.


  • on retainer only, $10,000 monthly. $5000 if purchased in tandem with Consulting (see above).

Technical Writing

Tutorials, explainers, technical docs for libraries and packages. For examples of such content, see some of my written work.


  • $400 per guide / tutorial, up to 2000 words, $600 for up to 3000 words
  • $300 per news article or ghost post, up to 1500 words
  • $500 per 2000 words of technical documentation - library docs, API docs, etc.

Smart Contract Development and Unit Testing

Developing of ICOs, Dapps, and Web3 interfaces to Dapps and Smart Contracts. Includes consulting about the project (see Consulting above).

Additionally, if you have a set of smart contracts written and need unit tests written for them (JavaScript and Solidity), this service is for that.


  • short term: $200/hr
  • long term: retainer of $10,000 monthly, includes 80 hours of work.


Please see Audithor.io.

Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics is tracking of blockchain transactions to unmask identities behind them beyond reasonable doubt. Available for Ethereum and Bitcoin / Bitcoin Cash right now, others coming as soon as someone starts using them. Reliability is currently at 40% and rising as we increase our knowledgegraph.

Includes testifying in court as expert witness if needed.


  • individual address unmasking: $4000 per address if successful. 50% paid on success, 50% non-refundable down payment. Duration: up to 4 working days.

Public Speaking

You can pick the topic you'd like me to cover, or I can suggest some. I pride myself in giving a fresh talk on almost every conference I attend. Everything is recorded these days and I want your attendees to get their money's worth, so you can be sure the content will be original. Workshops are okay but will be more expensive and will only accommodate up to 25 people.

For examples, see my list of previous speaking engagements.


  • Free if conference / meetup is non-profit, only cover transport and lodging
  • Varies otherwise, depends on season, type, size, topic. Get in touch.


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