Bruno Škvorc

Withdrawing from Polkadot and Kusama Council

With RMRK Team's efforts ramping up and an increased workload the Foundation, I find that I can no longer adequately perform due diligence on proposals and discussions pertaining to the networks, and have decided to withdraw my candidacy. Effective immediately, I am leaving the Kusama and Polkadot Council, as I…

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Kusama Council Participation Report, 08.10.2020.

I was re-elected to Kusama Council recently (thank you voters!) so here's my promised activity log. Again, thank you to all who voted to keep me in the council - I always try to keep the best interest of the network in mind, so if you disagree with any of…

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Council Participation Report, 04.09.2020.

As promised in my candidacy post, here's my participation report in Council and Democracy related activities on Kusama. BetProtocol recently submitted a pre-proposal for an on-chain eSports betting app. They provided a detailed PDF, and opened a discussion on Polkassembly. My feedback with more questions is in the Polkassembly thread.

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