Hi, I'm Bruno

I'm a blockchain developer and technical writer passionate about the decentralized and censorship-free web.

Council Participation Report, 04.09.2020.

As promised in my candidacy post, here's my participation report in Council and Democracy related activities on Kusama. BetProtocol recently submitted a pre-proposal for an on-chain eSports betting app. They provided a detailed PDF, and opened a discussion on Polkassembly. My feedback with more questions is in the Polkassembly thread.

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Running a Dedicated Idena Node

I joined the Idena ecosystem not so long ago. Idena is a proof-of-identity blockchain which lets users in based on invites from existing members, and then demands every user re-verify their humanity based on a captcha-like task once or twice per month. All verified users get a reward from the…

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My Candidacy for Polkadot and Kusama Council

Polkadot, the next generation blockchain infrastructure layer, is live and in full swing, with its crazy cousin Kusama leading the way in innovation and risk-taking.

As chains with built-in governance - meaning the tokenholders can decide the fate of the chain with auto-enacting proposals - Polkadot and Kusama are challenging the idea of blockchain immutability and code as law. They value governance consensus first, everything else second.

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Chirp - Kusama's Twitter

As the technical education team at Web3 Foundation, it is our duty to push the envelope with interesting proofs of concept in order to entice other developers to follow suit and build interesting experiments of their own. With that in mind, we're building Chirp - a Twitter clone on Kusama which under…

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Don't Force Your Đapp's UI on me

The above image is from Alchemy, the UI for DAOStack's DAOs. Disclaimer: in this post I'll criticize Alchemy for some UX and decentralization gaffes, but to be fair I should first state that: If you're not familiar with DAOStack, it's a comprehensive expert-level framework of smart contracts for building intricate…

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My approach to wellness

The amount of what can be defined as "wellness" is inversely proportional to the amount of bullshit in one's life. You don't need to work hard to get wellness and, in fact, I'd argue that's the opposite of a correct approach. Retreats, trips, vacations and similar timeouts are great, but…

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The Walking Dev

Code and Fitness: Fear the Walking Dev

I've been sitting in front of code and text for the good part of the last 15 years. A sedentary job can take its toll on your health, especially as you begin to age and your body is past the "thank you sir, may I have another" phase. They're not…

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