Hi, I'm Bruno

I'm a blockchain developer and technical writer passionate about the decentralized and censorship-free web.

What is it like to live in Croatia?

I live in Croatia. A while back I stumbled upon a Quora answer which answers the question "What is it like to live in Croatia" perfectly. The answer has, for some reason, been deleted since but I've archived it here and am reposting it verbatim, save for some corrections of typos and phrasing. None of it is satire or exaggeration, it's all very true.

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Teaching Tuesday

I am a big fan of learning. Everything, all the time. I've drowned in the rabbit hole of wikipedia context links many times and learned a lot of trivia both on accident and on purpose. So a few months ago, I decided to try something new internal to my family (currently counting 2.5, including myself). We started Teaching Tuesday.

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Audithor launched

Today we launched Audithor, a consortium of smart contract developers and security auditors. The group has permanent members and a flexible gang of external collaborators, maintaining almost 100% availability without losing any quality.

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