Kusama Council Participation Report, 14.10.2020.

As promised, here is my Councilor activity report for the day of October 14th on the Kusama blockchain.


I voted Aye on Motion 225 to approve the Voxel Bridge art project. Full original discussion here, and full proposal here. As explained in the last report, I fully support this kind of promotion and believe the net gain exceeds the final cost. Kusama is an interesting chain and getting people to realize how interesting it is and how interesting it can be is the best advertisement we can give it. An augemented reality art show is right up that alley.


  • Tip 0x6e63...b2ee seeks to reward a Telegram user for reporting spam and scam accounts. I requested more information. It seems like a lot of money to pay for something easy to game.
  • Tip 0x02816...d427 is to reward a Spanish-language video tutorial's author. The tutorial explains how to use Ledger wallets to stake KSM and DOT. I supported this tip with 5 KSM, which is slightly below the current median of 6. The author deserves it - the channel seems well visited and the production quality is on point.
  • Tip 0xa691...6546 is to reward Stateless Money for the creation of KSMjobs.net. I supported this, but with 5 KSM - a much lower value than the current median of 50. The reasoning is as follows:
    • Stateless Money is a staking provider, and everything they do is to advertise their services. As such, I do not think excessive additional rewards are warranted.
    • The website does not have SSL and performs very poorly due to the unoptimized background animation.
    • The website is trivial to build - Wordpress comes with a host of "build your own job listing page" plugins for free, and commercial plugins make it look and feel much more professional. There are also SaaS which provide the same functionality. Given that this website is fully hosted and does not interact in any way with the chain, I do not see how it contributes much to the ecosystem.
    • I would gladly support it with 50 KSM if it were decentralized (use IPFS for listings details, system.remark for job ad submissions, IPFS to host the site), but as it is, it seems like a sub-par hastily cobbled-together PoC not worth $1500.

Thanks to everyone who voted to keep me in the Council set! If you haven't voted to keep me in yet, you can do so by following the instructions here.


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