Kusama Council Participation Report, 20.10.2020.

As per my candidacy promise, I'm publishing a regular Kusama Council participation report.


  • I turned Treasury proposal 51 into Motion 226 to support further development of the NFC wallet project.
  • Motion 227 created the first Kusama bounty - a request for creating a Bounty UI for Kusama. I voted Aye to support the creation of the bounty.
  • Motion 228 proposed Jaco, the author of Polkadot JS Apps as the curator for a bounty focusing on the development of a Bounty UI addon for Polkadot JS Apps (see above). I agree with the general consensus that Jaco is the most qualified to curate this work, so I voted Aye.
  • Motion 229 is a replacement for a motion from a while back which sought to increase the number of validators by 1 every era until 400 new validators have been added in (only this referendum caps this at 100 new validators). The previous referendum passed, but due to an invalid parameter in the scheduler's command wasn't executable, so it ultimately failed. I voted against the previous referendum, something I explained in my report from October 8th. The reason why this is a motion and not a public referendum again is because unclear instructions caused the previous referendum's failure, even though the referendum itself passed. The motion is a correction of that "bug". As such, despite me disagreeing with the ultimate aim of the referendum that will be the result of this motion, I must vote Aye because the referendum already passed previously.


  • Tip 0x3586...06ab seeks to reward Polkadot Comics for a stats slide posted on Twitter. While this post isn't plagiarism like the previous ones, I still don't see it as worth rewarding. Such a stats screen report is completely automatable, and an automated version wouldn't have typos either. Thumbs down from me, a zero for tip value.
  • Tip 0x7a71...1e07 seeks to reward AlexPromoTeam for the creation of a guide for using three mobile wallets in the Polkadot ecosystem. The team previously requested Treasury support for funding these videos, but was turned down due to concerns over quality. Due to her accent, the narrator is still incredibly difficult to understand so I'd still prefer they hire another one, but I can support the effort that went into this. Not with the median of 19.5, but I'll agree to 10 KSM.


  • The Robots + Kusama proposal now has milestones. The discussion has evolved further to detail how this robot integration would actually work, and I voiced my support of it.


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